We all know that computers are coming down in price, how much was your 1st model and when?

Answer My first PC was a viglen Genie 386 dx 33 mhz with 4 meg Ram and 100mb hard drive. It also had a huge 1mb display card.(MS Dos 5 and windows 3.1)It was 1992 (ish) and cost £1200.Memory upgrades wer... Read More »

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I coming down to Southampton on Monday night.Does anyone know if the club For Your Eyes Only club is any good?

When you put down a deposit, dies it mean your paying your rent fir that furst month?

No. That is a deposit that is held for the entire time you live there so that if you cause any damage to the apartment they have the money already. If there's no damage, they will refund your depos... Read More »

When it says on your comp.. windows has closed down in order to stop a malicious something. is that bad ?

close all pages cick on nothing run this free program on full ( what is your protection A/V )…