We all know that computers are coming down in price, how much was your 1st model and when?

Answer My first PC was a viglen Genie 386 dx 33 mhz with 4 meg Ram and 100mb hard drive. It also had a huge 1mb display card.(MS Dos 5 and windows 3.1)It was 1992 (ish) and cost £1200.Memory upgrades wer... Read More »

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Audi a4 2000 model has black smoke coming out through the exhaust pipe?

Unburnt fuel. If it's a Diesel, "They all do that"

How difficult is it to change big end bearings on a 2.5 Alfa V6 engine coming from a 2000 model 156?

No more, or less, difficult than any other car. Get yourself a workshop manual and set about it - enjoy!

Favourite car, any model any price, doesn't matter if its yours or not.?

Average price for a bmw 02 318 model in good condition 100000 miles petrol?

Hi Stringer Bell, I have done some digging for you mate and here are my findings:2002 BMW 318i with 42,000 miles = £6,795 60,000 miles = £6,00080,000 miles = £5,500100,000 miles = £5,000All prices ... Read More »