We have a Business BT line and number but want to use VoIP?

Answer Well in short yes, With VoIP you have a lot of choices you can set it up how ever you like.I suggest you check out Broadconnect and reach out to one of the Sales Reps they can help you like they he... Read More »

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I'm 16 and want a on-line business, any ideas?

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Can you recommend a good VoIP / SIP or other phone solution for my small business?

Well, there are several aspects to look at for your system.One is the line provider - do you want normal PSTN or ISDN lines? Or do you want to be entirely VOIP, and therefore use a web based phone ... Read More »

Want a new broadband supplier where I dont have to pay BT line rental.?

A check on virgin media website shows your new postcode is not in their cabled area so cant just take their broadband service through a cable line. They can however provide broadband but again you ... Read More »