Web design/developer how to and what type of sites?

Answer I would suggest you to join some training institute to learn professional web design/development. Get ready to put around 10-12 hours if you want to earn good and build reputation for you in this f... Read More »

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Any sites like DailyBooth Photo a day, uploaded from the computer type of stuff?

The long tool bar at the top of the screen where you type in sites names i need to know how to delete them?

You don't mention what browser you are using so I'll be very general. You need to clear your browsers history. That will clear the data typed in the address bar. You'll find the option to clear ... Read More »

Why, when I type £500 for my annual fuel costs in moneysupermarket, or other comparison sites, does it give?

Because when you type in the value, it tried to find ones that will offer you the same for less.If the fuel costs are for the home, then try putting in your annual usage in kW/h, rather than money,... Read More »

When I type into my search box on my home page I always get a drop down with previously visited sites.?

Click 'Tools', 'Browser Options' and then ' Clear URLs'.