Weirdo added me, but he keeps checking my profile pics?

Answer There is Nothing you Can Do if you Dont Want him Looking at your pictures and Possibly Saving them Block Him thats About all you Can Do

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Your profile on myspace is viwedo it count the things they look at on ur profile like pics asviewing urprofile?

If somebody visits your page, it is counted as 1 view irrespective of what they do there.

On myspace, how can i find out who has been checking out my profile?

As far as I know, you can't. If you get anything come up on your page advertising a site where you can, it's spam and will mess your computer up. If you don't want just anyone checking out your pro... Read More »

Is there a way of checking who has viewed your profile on myspace?

no i dont fink ull find ther is a way sorry x

Does anybody know if their is a way of checking who has viewed my profile on facebook?

No there's no way, that would contradict the whole anonymous/confidentiality that users have with facebook. Of course, only your friends can view you profile, and you can chose to let certain frien... Read More »