Well that's strange ... just printed off a few photos and a white shirt came out pale blue ...?

Answer My experience is that usually means you are low in one or more colors of ink in the printer's ink cartridge(s).When you put a new print cartridge in and begin printing the different color inks are ... Read More »

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Can you get a PS3 t-shirt with 'It only does everything' printed on it?

Of course, just go to a printers with a Design. These days even a high street photo developers normally do T-shirt printing.

Where can i get a t-shirt with a shirt&tie printed on it?

Zara but you might have to ask a sales assistant, most stores havent got enough for them to be on the shop floor but all stocked them. they also do one with a waistcoat printed on it. Or give them ... Read More »

When I look up at the sky on a clear day, there is the sun, then a surrounding circle of white-blue light covering maybe half the sky, encircled by deep blue down to the horizon, followed by a white layer at the horizon itself. Please explain these z?

The ring that you see surrounding the sun is probably the 22° halo caused by refraction from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. These tiny ice crystals are hexagonal prisms and they deflect the... Read More »

I live in the UK. I have some photos on my computer that i want printed off. Is there any where cheap on line? you sign up and drag you photos into there photo albums then you can retouch if you want and place orders good luck