Well that's strange ... just printed off a few photos and a white shirt came out pale blue ...?

Answer My experience is that usually means you are low in one or more colors of ink in the printer's ink cartridge(s).When you put a new print cartridge in and begin printing the different color inks are ... Read More »

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Hey im pale girl just wondered if thats attractive or do u think i should go on the old sunbeds?

i find white skin very attractive. i like it milky white! that is such a turn on.

I want to get about 1000 A4 leaflets printed. Just in Black and White and on normal paper.?

What do you intend to do with them once they are printed?You do know that you can be fined PER ITEM for stuffing them through letterboxes? Look in Staples and the like for copying services.

Where can i get a t-shirt with a shirt&tie printed on it?

Zara but you might have to ask a sales assistant, most stores havent got enough for them to be on the shop floor but all stocked them. they also do one with a waistcoat printed on it. Or give them ... Read More »

How do i get rid of the taskbar thats came on top of my google chrome?