Were do I put 15GB sized file?

Answer Good sites are umm okay.You could try IDrive - or Skydrive -… ... Read More »

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Is an internet connection with a 15GB Cap. per Month enough?

i would go up to 50 gb to be safe.just curious, are you in canada or australia? I'm canadian and both of these countries are years behind everyone else in internet. bandwidth caps don't even really... Read More »

We flew from SeaTac to Maui last week. Because of snow on the ground and not enough deicer, many planes were unable to take off. On the return trip, the flight had a realtime listing on their t.v. screen of where we were (showing the progress we were?

The problem for planes isn't the temperature, it's the humidity. When the air reaches 100% relative humidity, moisture in that air begins to condense on objects such as plane wings. The moisture ca... Read More »

Ive got a website were people can fill out a form and order web banners online, Were could i advertise it?

One of the best social networking websites that you can advertise at is Daceband.comIt offers low prices for advertising. You can get 10,000 unique visitors for $10. They also offer other types of ... Read More »

How do I combine an .srt file to a movie .avi file I have downloaded so that the subtitles comes up?

You have to use media player that can read .srt. I use Core media player, get it from here: open the movie, the click file/open again and change the filetype to "subti... Read More »