Were i can found my old link on my facebook prifile?

Answer I didnt get you, you meant username? Facebook URL, or username, is a link to your timeline that you can give out to people or post on external web site.If you want to see your old updates on Faceb... Read More »

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OMG. I've found my sister on facebook What do i do?

Add her. That's your neice. Whatever thing you had with your sister shouldn't interfere with your relationship with your niece. She had nothing to do with it, and it should stay that way. Not talki... Read More »

Has anyone found love on facebook?

No... not love but i have found a few good mates from the past & a few new mates but i was with my bf before i got into facebook.Good luck to your mate! ♥ღ♥

Need a better Facebook link?

just don't use your fb onyour phone do in on your computer

My dad has hacked into my facebook account need help! He found out everything about me!?

Put a simple keylogger on his computer if you have access to it . Check it and print out the logs of his activity. You can google keyloggers and many of them offer free trials