Were i can found my old link on my facebook prifile?

Answer I didnt get you, you meant username? Facebook URL, or username, is a link to your timeline that you can give out to people or post on external web site.If you want to see your old updates on Faceb... Read More »

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Were can i watch Barbie as Rapunzel online Safe website, or link to youtube video were you can watch it full?

Try this website: .... Its free and it also virus free and have wide range of films.

How to fix " No drivers were found", during the installation of Windows 7?

try burning to them to a cd/dvd if its not recognizing the usb. That is very odd though that Windows 7 wouldn't recognize that.

Hey, I went to college once but all they found were rats in my head!?

Danny, tell me - are you by any chance american?

What Types of Modern Phyla were Found in the Ediacaran Period?

For many decades, scientists thought that multicellular life didn't exist before the dawn of the Cambrian period, 542 million years ago. Then, in 1967, a careful geological study of pre-Cambrian r... Read More »