We've been charged £183 by facebook..?

Answer You can get charged for a Facebook ad, but you would have had to give your credit card details, so this sounds like a scam charge.

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My kids have been using MSN on BT BROADBAND, now weve given them their own pc, now trying to use MSN on AOL on?

You would be better off getting a router and letting them share the connection. Uninstall all the AOL, they are the most useless isp in the business now.

I paid money on facebook game then a error msg came up, i still got charged!?

Please Contact Facebook at the Help Center and Report the Problem to them And See if they Can Fix the Problem if Not Contact your Bank and Explain to them What happen and maybe they Can Help

Do i declare that i havent been charged for goods that dont get charged import tax?

i think you do not need pay tax, we deliver our lace wigs by courier like UPS,Fedex to united states, our buyer no need pay any tax. hope can helpe you.

My friend got over charged on her car insurance as they charged her for the male policy, what can she do?

Well, how long are we talking about here? If the error is still in the first policy term, they should be able to correct it. If not, then they may not be able to backdate. Tell them you aren't s... Read More »