We've been charged £183 by facebook..?

Answer You can get charged for a Facebook ad, but you would have had to give your credit card details, so this sounds like a scam charge.

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My kids have been using MSN on BT BROADBAND, now weve given them their own pc, now trying to use MSN on AOL on?

You would be better off getting a router and letting them share the connection. Uninstall all the AOL, they are the most useless isp in the business now.

Do i declare that i havent been charged for goods that dont get charged import tax?

i think you do not need pay tax, we deliver our lace wigs by courier like UPS,Fedex to united states, our buyer no need pay any tax. hope can helpe you.

I have been charged under section 39 of beating my wife and pushing my son of 15 in the face i attended court last week and has been put back to the 20-9-10 due to the defence papers not arriving in court on time i intend to plead guilty to both cha?

Just as a matter of interest, what do you think your sentence should be? I dont know thats why im asking? So, for beating your wife and punching your child, you have no idea what punishment you thi... Read More »

been charged with a section 20?

no got any answers What's a section 20?I googled it but it came up with stuff about property. section 20 assault If his jaw was broken in two places, I would advise him not to go to those places an... Read More »