What Are Grape Leaves?

Answer Grape leaves are the foliage of the fruit-bearing vine from the Vitaceae family, indigenous to the Northern Hemisphere. In addition to their role in the photosynthesis process of the host vine, gr... Read More »

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What Do Grape Leaves Look like?

Grape leaves are light green and resemble many other tree leaves. They usually grow in late spring and early summer in a warm climate.

Are Wild Grape Leaves Edible?

Wild grape leaves are edible. Be sure to wash them thoroughly before cooking. When using them as greens, you should boil them 10-15 minutes. They are usually used for wraps for rice or meat.

Rusty Brown Spots on Grape Leaves?

Grapes are a sweet and juicy snack, especially if they are grown from your own home vineyard. When growing grapes, however, it is important to keep a close eye not only on the fruit itself, but on ... Read More »

Brown Rust Spots on Grape Leaves?

If you notice brown or rust-coloured spots on your grape plant's leaves, quick and proper diagnosis is essential to control the problem before it gets out of hand. Knowing how to spot diseases, inf... Read More »