What Are Some Drawbacks to Solar Power?

Answer When discussing solar power, it should be noted that there are two fundamental methods of harnessing the sun's energy. Through either passive or active means, rays from the sun can be used in a var... Read More »

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How is Solar Power Used?

Solar power is used in a variety of ways that many people use everyday but may not realise. One way is used almost every day and that is powering on a computer or television set.

Solar Power Regulations?

Interest in solar power has grown in recent months along with concerns over greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. While there are multiple programs at the federal, state and local levels to ... Read More »

What is Concentrated Solar Power?

Concentrated solar power, also called solar thermal, is a means of gathering solar energy distinct from the use of photovoltaic (PV) panels. Instead of directly converting solar energy to electric... Read More »

What are Solar Power Satellites?

Solar power satellites are a hypothetical future technology that could provide abundant free energy to the people of Earth. The concept involves placing large (50-100 km2) solar panels in high ear... Read More »