What Are the Best Tips for Compound Microscope Use?

Answer There are a few things people should keep in mind in order to be able to properly view specimens and slides under a compound microscope. First, the microscope itself needs to be properly taken care... Read More »

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What Are the Different Compound Microscope Parts?

A compound microscope is an apparatus that uses a series of lenses to magnify the minute detail of a specimen that would otherwise not be visible with the naked eye. The compound microscope parts t... Read More »

How Do I Choose the Best Compound Microscope?

When shopping for a compound microscope, it is best to purchase a new scope rather than a used one. Used ones often have been abused by students and no longer work optimally. Key features to look f... Read More »

Who Invented the First Compound Microscope?

There is no overall consensus about the inventor of the first compound microscope. Most authorities believe the instrument to have been invented by the Dutch spectacle and eyeglass maker Zacharias ... Read More »

What is a Compound Light Microscope?

A compound light microscope, also known as the bright field microscope, is an instrument commonly used inside the laboratory to view specimens mounted on a glass slide. The compound microscope magn... Read More »