What Are the Different Types of Modern Calligraphy?

Answer Calligraphy, which comes from the Greek meaning "beautiful writing," dates back almost to the earliest days of written language, in cultures across the world. Beyond simply being a fancy way of wri... Read More »

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Types of Calligraphy Pens?

The word "calligraphy" means beautiful writing. Calligraphy was introduced to Japan from China in the fifth century. It began as hieroglyphs. The basic tools of calligraphy include paper, a brush, ... Read More »

Types of Arabic Calligraphy?

Because creating images of living beings is frowned upon in Islamic source texts, Islamic art is largely comprised of geometric motifs and calligraphy. Arabic calligraphy adorns mosques, amulets an... Read More »

Types of Calligraphy Letters?

There are several different types of lettering styles in calligraphy, however, there are only a few letter families. These families are what house a group of different letter styles. Once you learn... Read More »

What Are the Different Types of Modern Artists?

There are several‭ ‬types of modern art styles that have become an integral part of art history.‭ ‬These different periods of modern art began in the middle of the‭ ‬19th century and p... Read More »