What Did Men Wear in the '50s?

Answer The 1950s brought about a new air of fashion, as men wore more than just "civilian clothing," a term that described the plain suit, raincoat and hat ensemble prevalent after World War II. The decad... Read More »

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When hanging around the house, do you wear shoes, go barefoot, wear socks, or wear slippers?

Barefoot always, and not just around the house either.

What kind of shoe do you like to wear Hate to wear Always wear?

wear?i wear trainers or flat shoesnot wear? high heels hurt ur feetand the rest is ok

Why do women wear thongs and then flash it all the time Wear proper knickers please!!!?

being a woman myself i never wear thongs they are the most uncomfortable underwear around i have no idea why girls like to go around with a strip of elastic wedged up their buttmost women appear to... Read More »

Why is it that men wear trousers and women wear dresses and skirts and when dose it date from?

Before the time when Jesus was born both men and women wore long robes. Women continued to wear long clothing (dresses) and men who rode horses wore trousers. Eventually the fad was for women to we... Read More »