What Do Caterpillars Eat & Drink for Food?

Answer The way a caterpillar looks determines which kind of butterfly it will become. Likewise, the plant on which you find the caterpillar can also help you determine which type of butterfly it will turn... Read More »

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What is a place called where you go and ask for food and drink?

There are dozens of types like Takeaways, Restaurants, Diners, Sandwich Shops, Pie ShopsDune

Food and Drink Survey?

Mine are:Fillet steak (quite rare)SeabassScallops SamphireDark cherriesSeafood paella LasagnaEssenze Pinot Gris (NZ)June BugPanko Prawns with Wasabi . I bet someone says1. Swan ...But I'll give you... Read More »

food and drink quiz?

A Stirrup cup of either Port or Sherry ? tyrepill, be bold and replace your "?" with a "!" because you are absolutely correct!

Festive Food And Drink?

6. Brussels sprouts 3. Bubble and SqueakThis would be better in Quizzes and Puzzles mrsbrief 5. Stuffing Have moved to quizzes - thanks guys!