What Does a Musicologist Do?

Answer A musicologist is someone who studies music. There are a number of branches of musicology, ranging from music theory to comparative musicology, in which the musicologist looks at music from other c... Read More »

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OK I'm an idiot but what does blog stand for, what does it do, and how does it work?

Blog means Web Log. Hey, it is just a place where you can write stuff for others to see. Visit a place like Yahoo 360. You already have an account for using Yahoo. Visit Read More »

Hi does anyone know what a CTS is on the vauxhall vectra 1.9 DTI (120) what it does and where to find it?

Coolant Temperature Sensor. Important to the engine management system, so it knows whether to activate the glowplugs and so on.Often in the end of the thermostat housing or in the thermostat housi... Read More »

On facebook, what is a photo tag request what does it mean and what does it do?

It just means that someone as put your name with the pic of you on their or your profile. Like if youve ever seen a photo when u put the mouse on their face and their name pops up, that's because t... Read More »

How does corporation tax affect mcdonalds, What does it mean for their profits?

McDonalds (and many international corporations) arrange matters so that they make no profit in the UK and therefore pay no corporation tax in the UK.