What GCSE's with help with a career in IT?

Answer Hi there !!Obviously, concentrate on scientific subjects rather than arts, except business, business WILL pay off when it comes to a career in IT.Having said that, not all IT 'professionals' go for... Read More »

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I have gcses and alevels but am 26 and dont know which career is for me i have cs exp but want more HELP!!?

well what interests you? what subjects did you look forward to in school? why? you need to look at those kinds of things first and give people something to work with.

Do I put my gcses on my cv?

It depends on the job, you can be over-qualified. But if you only have GCSEs, I wouldn't worry about that, put your grades on your CV.

What GCSEs should I take?

Hi there,Let's break this down. If you'd like to be a chef, a forensic scientist, an artist or a musician, you are definitely looking at professions that vary widely from one another in terms of wh... Read More »

Is this everything I need for my GCSEs?