What Grit of Sandpaper Should be Used Before a Final Paint Job?

Answer Preparing a surface for painting involves making sure the surface is clean, free of debris, dirt and grease. Sanding a surface is part of the preparation, but it is also the most important part of ... Read More »

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How to Use Sandpaper to Remove Excess Touch Up Paint From Car?

Touch up paint application can vary from spot to spot. There might be a drip, a glob, or just too much that looks like a lump, and a bad looking touch up can spoil the paint job on any car. If a ba... Read More »

What Is a Grit Bin?

A grit bin is a container placed near a street, driveway, or sidewalk that contains sand, rock salt, or other material commonly used in winter snow removal. The bin is normally made of heavy plasti... Read More »

How to Use Liquid Sandpaper?

The chemical known as liquid sandpaper may cause some slight confusion since no sanding is necessary when using it. In fact liquid sandpaper is an easy alternative to sanding if you have a paint jo... Read More »

What Is a Grit Chamber?

A grit chamber is used to sift solids, such as sand or other particulates or foreign materials, from liquids. Such a chamber is primarily found in waste treatment facilities and sometimes in other ... Read More »