What Happens If You Fall On The Railway Track Or The Underground Track?

Answer It all depends.If there is a third rail (the raised rail next to the normal rail) and you touch THIS one, you WILL dieIf there are only two rails, then you may well get run over, but not electrocut... Read More »

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When there is a crack in a railway track, what do they do to fix it?

Actually, they cut out the affected piece of track.They then use a mould around the two ends of the cut, and join them together by pouring in thermite - making the track as good as new. it is the s... Read More »

Thomas Track Master Railway Instructions?

Since 1984, Thomas the Train on the TV show, "Shining Time Station" has entertained children. TrackMaster Railways are railroad track sets that bring Thomas and his friends into your home. The Trac... Read More »

Does anybody have any numbers to call to get more work on the Railway as a Track Worker?

Google rail infrastructure companies uk, the majority have depots in the Greater Manchester area.

Which specific line on a railway track is the electric/dangerous one UK?

On a three rail system the "live" rail is the one that lies just outside of the two running rails. It's slightly higher than the others. Within stations the live rails are positioned alongside the ... Read More »