What Is Analytical Dynamics?

Answer Analytical dynamics is a modern formulation of classical mechanics; it is the branch of physics describing the effects of forces on the motion of physical objects. The theories of Sir Isaac Newton ... Read More »

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What is Fluid Dynamics?

Fluid dynamics refers to a subcategory of the science of fluid mechanics, with the other subcategory being fluid statics. While fluid statics deals with fluids that are at rest, fluid dynamics is c... Read More »

What Are Keystroke Dynamics?

Keystroke dynamics, also known as typing dynamics, is the analysis of a person’s typing habits such as the amount of time a key is pressed or between keystrokes. Looking at these habits in depth ca... Read More »

What Is the Analytical Engine?

The analytical engine was a mechanical computer created by English inventor and mathematician Charles Babbage in the mid-1830s. Although Babbage never built the whole machine, the analytical engine... Read More »

What Are Family Dynamics?

Family dynamics is a broad term used to describe the patterns in which members of a family unit interact with each other. For example, family dynamics can describe how one individual perceives anot... Read More »