What Is Antibody A?

Answer Antibody A, also called antibody Iga, is a component of the immune system that helps to deactivate and destroy bacteria or viruses invading the body. The location of this type of antibody near the ... Read More »

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What Is an IHC Antibody?

An immunohistochemical (IHC) antibody is a reagent commonly used in scientific studies to tag antigens of interest. An antigen is any small molecule that can cause an immune reaction that forces a... Read More »

What Is an Antibody Isotype?

B lymphocytes are a type of immune cell which are particularly important in combating bacterial infections. These cells produce very large amounts of antibodies when activated by the presence of an... Read More »

What Is Antibody Affinity?

Antibodies are molecules that circulate around the body as part of the immune system. These molecules are individually designed to bind to specific foreign substances, which are known as antigens. ... Read More »

What Is a FITC Antibody?

A fluorescein isothiocyanate-conjugated (FITC) antibody is a fluorescent molecular marker highly specific for either a particular protein or a primary antibody. They are used to identify proteins i... Read More »