What Is Antibody A?

Answer Antibody A, also called antibody Iga, is a component of the immune system that helps to deactivate and destroy bacteria or viruses invading the body. The location of this type of antibody near the ... Read More »

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What Is an IHC Antibody?

An immunohistochemical (IHC) antibody is a reagent commonly used in scientific studies to tag antigens of interest. An antigen is any small molecule that can cause an immune reaction that forces a... Read More »

What Is a Human Antibody?

To prevent bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic foreign materials that enter the body from destroying it, the human immune system creates a human antibody to identify invaders and trigger a res... Read More »

What Is an Antibody Assay?

An antibody assay is a lab test used to check for presence of antibodies in a sample of blood, urine, tissue, or other material. This test can be used diagnostically to see if a patient has antibod... Read More »

What Is Antibody Purification?

Antibody purification is a process in which antibodies are extracted from an antiserum which contains a mixture of compounds. Once purified, the antibodies can be used in a variety of ways. This pr... Read More »