What Is Ballet?

Answer Ballet performed today differs greatly from its origins. Originally the term was applied to Renaissance dances of the Italian court. Only men performed, as any form of acting was considered disgr... Read More »

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What Is a Ballet Bun?

A ballet bun is the traditional hairstyle a ballerina wears while dancing. It's secured high on top of the head so it keeps the hair out of the face. Creating the style takes only a few steps, but ... Read More »

How to Do a Turn in Ballet?

Turns are a staple element of a ballet dance. The basic ballet turn that is typically taught initially in dance classes is called a "chaine turn." This turn is often used in dances and forms the ba... Read More »

How to Sew Ballet Slippers?

Sewing a pair of ballet slippers for your little ballerina will keep her dancing even when she's off the stage. With a simple pattern and scraps of fabric, you can put together a comfortable pair o... Read More »

How to Do a Ballet Pirouette?

An aspiring ballet dancer has many different steps to learn to develop and hone dance skills. After mastering the dance fundamentals, including the five ballet positions with feet and arms, move on... Read More »