What Is Cancer Therapy?

Answer Cancer therapy is a treatment program which is designed to help a patient with cancer. There are a number of approaches to cancer therapy, ranging from aggressive treatments which are designed to e... Read More »

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Cesium Cancer Therapy?

Caesium is one of the most alkaline elements on Earth. Cesium cancer therapy is based on the discoveries of Otto Warburg, who won a Nobel Prize for his findings that cancer thrives in anaerobic (lo... Read More »

What Are the Uses of Urine Therapy for Cancer?

Some of the uses of urine therapy for cancer include drinking urine to stop the spread of liver cancer, as well as applying urine topically for treating cancer of the skin. While drinking urine is ... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Nutrition Therapy for Cancer?

Nutrition therapy for cancer can carry a host of benefits and is seen as a helpful complementary approach to a well-rounded medical treatment plan. Consuming adequate nutrients like vitamin C and v... Read More »

How Effective Is Targeted Therapy for Cancer?

In diseases where targeted therapy for cancer have been developed, it is a highly effective treatment option. These therapies are often more effective than chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Not a... Read More »