What Is Desktop Sharing?

Answer Desktop sharing is an online technology that makes it possible to access the desktop of a computer from a remote location. In some applications, the access allows the user to gain control of the r... Read More »

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What Is Remote Desktop Sharing?

In the world of computers, a desktop refers to the background screen on a computer. It is also used to refer to the entire array of whatever is visible on the monitor. Normally, a user’s desktop ca... Read More »

I have removed recycle bin from desktop. could anyone help getting it back to desktop plz.i use windows vista.?

Go to the Windows Explorer, find it under programs, accessories, system tools. Look down the folder list to the bottom, find Recycle Bin. Right click, send to... create desktop shortcut.

Remote desktop from Win7 laptop to XP desktop via ethernet?

yes its possible i think - to connect two computers together you would need a crossover cable look on ebay for this. that should work the same as having a switched network

Have lot of icons on desktop, how can i hide them or remove from desktop.?

If you still want them handy, but not directly on your desktop, create a new folder, call it something like 'icons' or 'shortcuts' and drop all of them into there. That's what I did.