What Is Food Energy?

Answer Food is the plant and animal tissue as well as microbial cells consumed by organisms. These organic structures are broken down into digestible molecules that harbor chemical energy within their bon... Read More »

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How Does Chewing Food Affect Your Body's Abilities to Release the Chemical Energy of Your Food?

It is absolutely necessary to chew solid food to experience the releasing of chemical energy from the food. It would be impossible to eat an apple by swallowing it whole since it is too big to be d... Read More »

Vitamins that help you use food for energy?

Your body uses vitamins for many processes on the cellular level, from aiding eyesight to helping blood coagulate, and several vitamins are associated with the formation of enzymes that metabolise ... Read More »

Food for a Quick Energy Boost?

Many different foods and nutrients can help with energy levels. Some foods will release energy more quickly and create a sensation of an energy boost. These foods are favourites of early risers, at... Read More »

What kind of protein food gives you energy?

Protein builds bones and muscles, fills you up but not necessarily out, and provides powerful energy for physical and even mental challenges. It is one of the macronutrients necessary for a healthy... Read More »