What Is Reservoir Engineering?

Answer Reservoir engineering is the evaluation of hydrocarbon and geothermal deposits to estimate their size and production capacity. This information can determine how a deposit is used, and also appears... Read More »

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What job could i apply for with this qualificationNVQ Level 3 Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Maintena?

HiyaI know someone with these qualifications - he works in the food industry as a maintainence engineer. He goes round factories fixing machinery. He gets a car, laptop, phone, expenses, nights i... Read More »

The difference between civil engineering & construction engineering?

Civil Engineering is a recognised profession in the UK. It is a distinct job title that someone can only claim if the hold a related University degree and/or have membership of a recognised profess... Read More »

What is the difference between reverse engineering and re-engineering?

Re-engineering and reverse engineering are two ways to rebuild something. That thing might be a manufactured product, like a car, or a hairdryer, or it might be a piece of software. The key differe... Read More »

What Is a Car Fluid Reservoir?

A car fluid reservoir can refer to any container within an automobile that holds a liquid used for the normal functioning of that automobile. A fluid reservoir might hold power steering fluid, tran... Read More »