What Is Surface Micromachining?

Answer Surface micromachining is a fabrication process used to develop integrated circuits and sensors of various kinds. Using surface micromachining techniques allows applications of up to nearly 100 fin... Read More »

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What Is Bulk Micromachining?

Bulk micromachining is a method of making extremely tiny mechanical or electrical components. This process typically uses wafers of silicon, but will occasionally use plastic or ceramic material as... Read More »

What Is Sea Surface Temperature?

Sea surface temperatures are measurements taken at the surface of the ocean, ranging from the top millimeter to greater depths, depending on the measurement system used. Government agencies as well... Read More »

What Is a Surface Antigen?

A surface antigen is a type of protein on a cell membrane that can signal various biological processes, including immune reactions. There are various antigens which often include receptors, adhesio... Read More »

What Is a Surface Mount LED?

A surface mount LED, also known as an SMD LED, is a light emitting diode which is directly mounted on and soldered to a printed circuit board. Without the leads and surrounding packaging of a stan... Read More »