What Is Surface Tension?

Answer Surface tension is the force of cohesion exhibited by the molecules of a liquid. This force allows the surface of a liquid to resist, to a degree, outside forces applied to it. It is this resistanc... Read More »

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What is surface tension — C?

The molecules in a gas are independent and only collide with one another briefly before separating again. In contrast, the molecules in a liquid cling to one another so that they always remain in c... Read More »

How Does Detergent Break a Surface Tension?

All foods contain different vitamins and nutrients for our bodies. No single food can supply everything we need. Because of this, the Food and Drug Administration has provided a Food Pyramid which ... Read More »

What Is a Tension Rod?

A tension rod is a type of adjustable rod made with springs on the inside and generally a plastic or metal circular bar on the outside. It is used both as a curtain rod and as a shower curtain rod.... Read More »

What Is a Tension Test?

A tension test is a mechanical test that measures how much force a material can tolerate, before it tears or breaks when it is pulled. Materials such as metal, rubber, plastic, or fiber can be test... Read More »