What Is Train Surfing?

Answer Train surfing is the term given to the act of people illegally riding on the tops of train cars. Thrill seekers climb aboard slow-moving trains and climb to the top of the box-type train cars. As t... Read More »

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What Is Car Surfing?

Car surfing is the extremely dangerous stunt of riding atop moving vehicles. It should only be performed by a trained stuntperson, but unfortunately, other people also do it and many receive seriou... Read More »

What is Anonymous Surfing?

Anonymous surfing allows you to wander the Internet without leaving any track of your computer's IP (Internet Protocol) address. This is accomplished via a proxy service. When surfing the Web from ... Read More »

What Is Shoulder Surfing?

Shoulder surfing is a practice that involves the observation of an individual and the collection of information without the knowledge or consent of the individual who is being observed. The name f... Read More »

What features should i look for in a laptop that will be mainly used for surfing internet?

For surfing always ensure it's waterproof and not plugged in as it may shock you.