What Is a Magnetic Cloud?

Answer A magnetic cloud (MC) is defined as either a special type of coronal mass ejection (CME) that occurs from the surface of the Sun or an event that immediately precedes or follows a CME and its solar... Read More »

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In a three-phase induction motor, there is a rotating magnetic field in the stator, which induces a rotating magnetic field in the rotor. Those two magnetic fields will interact together to make the rotor turn. Is the interaction attractive or repuls?

The magnetic interaction between the stator and the rotor is repulsive—the rotor is pushed around in a circle by the stator's magnetic field; it is not pulled. To see why this is so, imagine unwr... Read More »

Do fluorescent light fixtures emit magnetic fields If so, would they be intense enough to affect diskette magnetic media?

While fluorescent light fixtures do emit magnetic fields, those fields are far too weak to affect magnetic media. Any electric current produces a magnetic field, even the current flowing through th... Read More »

How does the power/frequency of the earth's magnetic field compare to the magnetic fields of electrical appliances — MC, Independence, KA?

Although I haven't been able to find detailed lists of the magnetic fields near common appliances (such lists do exist), those fields are unlikely to be stronger than the earth's own magnetic field... Read More »

How can we measure magnetic fields or magnetic potentials of solvent atoms that reside interstitially inside solid solutes — DR, Tampa, FL?

You can measure the magnetic fields in which certain atoms reside with the help of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). This technique examines the magnetic environment of the atom's nucleus by determ... Read More »