What Is a Modular Desk?

Answer A modular desk is one that is designed to be fitted together in different sections. For example, a modular office furniture company may offer a basic, rectangular desk with many different add-on op... Read More »

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In Offices, what is the role given to a person who delivers mail desk to desk?

??? that IS their role. Delivering mail desk to desk.Did you mean their TITLE?Mail delivery person.

What Is Modular Art?

Modular art is a type of contemporary art known for the use of one repeating image or unit to create a larger picture or three-dimensional piece. This type of conceptual art has a basis in architec... Read More »

What Is a Modular Closet?

A modular closet is a storage system made of various pre-built units. These units could consist of shoe racks, hanger bars, shelving or drawers. Some closet organizer units are sold in a complete s... Read More »

What Is Modular Shelving?

Modular shelving is shelving which is designed to be highly flexible. It can be put together and configured in a variety of ways, and is easy to break down, transport, and reassemble. Since storage... Read More »