What Is a PTC Solar Power Rating?

Answer A PVUSA Test Calculation rating is applied to photovoltaic solar systems to measure the energy output of a solar powered system. Unlike other systems, such as the STC rating system, the PTC rating ... Read More »

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What is a Power Rating?

A power rating is a measurement of the maximum amount of power that can be used with a specific tool or device. It is provided in order to keep the user safe and to prevent the tool or device from... Read More »

What Are the Disadvantages of Solar Power?

Despite its promise as a clean energy source, there a number of disadvantages of solar power that have prevented it from becoming widely used. Solar power isn't always as reliable as other forms o... Read More »

What are Solar Power Satellites?

Solar power satellites are a hypothetical future technology that could provide abundant free energy to the people of Earth. The concept involves placing large (50-100 km2) solar panels in high ear... Read More »

What is Concentrated Solar Power?

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