What Is a PTC Solar Power Rating?

Answer A PVUSA Test Calculation rating is applied to photovoltaic solar systems to measure the energy output of a solar powered system. Unlike other systems, such as the STC rating system, the PTC rating ... Read More »

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What is a Power Rating?

A power rating is a measurement of the maximum amount of power that can be used with a specific tool or device. It is provided in order to keep the user safe and to prevent the tool or device from... Read More »

How Do I Choose the Best Resistor Power Rating?

One of the most important considerations circuit designers have to make when allocating resistors in their designs is the appropriate power rating for components. The resistor power rating is base... Read More »

How is Solar Power Used?

Solar power is used in a variety of ways that many people use everyday but may not realise. One way is used almost every day and that is powering on a computer or television set.

The practicalities of solar power?

Solar energy is sustainable and abundant, and it helps conserve fossil fuels and save people money. But because it’s not yet an established norm, it requires a significant investment for your hom... Read More »