What Is a Rail Inspection?

Answer A rail inspection refers to a physical examination of the railroad tracks by experienced track maintenance crews. Over time, the spikes that are supposed to hold the rails in place can actually wor... Read More »

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In an MOT service/inspection, will they replace your tires before the inspection is done..........?

If the MOT test is underway then no defective parts (e.g. tyres, light bulbs or brake pads, etc.) will be replaced during the test procedure and the vehicle will be failed.It is therefore wise to h... Read More »

In a curving railtrack for highspeed trains, is the inner rail or the lower rail higher?

The Inner is lower, this is called Superelevation and is also known as Cant, strange because my teacher told me there is no such word as Cant.For any speed there is a correct amount of cant to bala... Read More »

How o i change timbers on a s and c crossing on the rail track i work on rail dont now how to this thanks.?

Start by digging out around the sleeper, then dig a trench the same lengh as the sleeper or as long as possible. Take the chair bolts out and pull the sleeper in to the trench. you will need a few ... Read More »

Was British Rail better than todays privitised rail service?

I wouldn't expect BR to be very efficient in any incarnation. Britain doesn't have a culture of excellent rail management, in turn because they don't reward rail entrepreneurship. You can't expect... Read More »