What Is a Therapeutic Area?

Answer The body is a complex structure comprised of many multifaceted systems working in unison, similar to a highly tuned, well-oiled machine. In order to achieve maximum functioning, each component must... Read More »

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What Is a Therapeutic Spa?

All spas are places where individuals go to relax, but a therapeutic spa usually takes this service to a very high level. Ordinary spas typically attend to grooming by offering manicures, pedicures... Read More »

What Is Therapeutic Sex?

Therapeutic sex is typically a process by which sexual contact and intimacy are used as therapeutic treatment for a variety of emotional or psychological issues. This type of practice can be fairly... Read More »

What Is a Therapeutic Bed?

A therapeutic bed is a type of assistive device designed to help individuals suffering from a variety of ailments, injuries and disease processes causing mobility or pain issues. This can range fro... Read More »

What Is a Therapeutic INR?

A therapeutic INR refers to the correct state of clotting of the blood. INR stands for International Normalized Ratio, which is a test that is done on the blood to measure how “thick” or “thi... Read More »