What Is a Tidal Force?

Answer A tidal force is the effect of an object’s gravitational force on another, nearby object, such as a planet or satellite. This force can influence the object’s shape, orbit, and other characteri... Read More »

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Why is the outward force in a loop-the-loop a "fictitious" force Why isn't it a "real" force?

A real force causes acceleration. If the outward "fictitious" force on a circling object were "real," that object wouldn't circle. It would accelerate outward. When you swing an object around on a ... Read More »

How do you do work on an atom so that the nuclear force can overcome the repulsive force.?

Building large nuclei is a curiosity in modern science, not a sensible scheme for synthesizing elements. Most of the heavy elements in our world were made during a supernova explosion sometime befo... Read More »

If every force always has an equal and opposite force pushing against it (like the bowling ball and your arm in today's lecture), how can anything at all accelerate Wouldn't forces always cancel each other out?

The two equal but opposite forces are being exerted on different objects! In many cases, those two objects are free to accelerate independently and they will accelerate—in opposite directions! Fo... Read More »

What is the relationship between gravitational force and electromagnetic force — TPC, Foster, OK?

As yet, there is no direct relationship between those two forces. Our best current understanding of gravitational forces is as disturbances in the structure of space itself while our best current u... Read More »