What Is an Integrating Sphere?

Answer An integrating sphere is a device used to test and measure certain properties of a light source. The light is uniformly diffused over the entire surface of the inside of the sphere by means of a hi... Read More »

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Suppose you have a metal sphere in vacuum and you begin putting electric charge on that sphere. Neglecting possible discharges, how much charge can the sphere store An unlimited amount -- BC?

By asking me to "neglect possible discharges," you're asking me to neglect what actually happens. There will be a discharge, specifically a phenomenon known as "field emission". Neglect that discha... Read More »

How to integrating aux to phone, for control the phone by using buttons car system?

This depends very much on the head unit fitted to the car. All units are different.You need to refer to the instruction manual for the audio head unit fitted to your car.

What Is the Celestial Sphere?

The celestial sphere is an imaginary structure often utilized in astronomy and navigation to help conceptualize the relative position of celestial bodies in relation to an observer on Earth. It ca... Read More »

What is a Dyson Sphere?

The Dyson sphere is a hypothetical structure of immense size. It is a sphere that completely (or almost completely) encloses a star, making use of all the energy radiated away by the fusion reacti... Read More »