What Kind of computer do You have?

Answer ive built mine myself which in my eyes is Always the best option but not Always the cheapest

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I know tis sound's totally stupid, but what is spam, i know the tinned kind but not the computer kind!?

Spam is an email message which comes from a person or company you haven't given access to your email service, and which tried to sell something to you, or force unwanted opinions onto you.Basically... Read More »

What kind of computer to buy?

Get a Dell PC they seem to be the best to get. I know that is what my Sister-in-law has. I have a Compac and it sucks.

What Kind of Drive Does My Computer Have?

Modern computers are sold by many different manufacturers. Each model has a variety of configurations. What all computers have in common is the use of several drives to store, read and transfer dat... Read More »

Willing to try building a computer but need some kind of guidance.?

Well, 600 dollars is more than enough to play LoL. If that is what you are mostly playing, then don't worry about spending too much on a graphics card. I have a GeForce 9600 GT, which is very out... Read More »