What Kind of computer do You have?

Answer ive built mine myself which in my eyes is Always the best option but not Always the cheapest

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What Kind of Drive Does My Computer Have?

Modern computers are sold by many different manufacturers. Each model has a variety of configurations. What all computers have in common is the use of several drives to store, read and transfer dat... Read More »

What kind of specs should a decent computer for gaming have?

I want to work from home - no special skills. I have a computer. What kind of work could I do?

You could do freelance desktop publishing or you could offer transcription services for companies.

I know tis sound's totally stupid, but what is spam, i know the tinned kind but not the computer kind!?

Spam is an email message which comes from a person or company you haven't given access to your email service, and which tried to sell something to you, or force unwanted opinions onto you.Basically... Read More »