What MacBook should I buy Pro or Air?

Answer I would get yourself a macbook pro, probably not the retina display though as you are paying for some very high end specs that you'll unlikely make use of. I would suggest you get one of the 15 inc... Read More »

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What Should I Use to Clean My MacBook?

Starting at just under £650 and running as high as £1,625, an Apple MacBook can represent a significant investment. To protect that investment and ensure the laptop lasts, it is important to keep... Read More »

Should I get a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air?

I have a Mac Pro used to have the air. In my opinion it's better. You can do a lot more on it and it has a lot more memory than the air.

Should I get the Macbook Pro 13" or the Macbook Air 11"?

I would consider the mac pro one of the clearest and easy to use laptops I've owned. As usual there's no comparison between a mac and a pc. Once you've owned a mac there's no going back.

What would I get a MacBook Pro (mid-2012) 8gb ram, 750 gb, dual core i7 2.9 ghz or the MacBook Air ?

getting an apple product is just for the looks, they are very good but just because of the name they sell for more.other brands of laptops sell for cheaper prices with better specs!a quad core lapt... Read More »