What Mousemat do YOU have?

Answer My leather armchair.. as I'm on a laptop on my knee... But the comp upstairs has a Teletubbies mouse mat!Get in!!xx

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What design is on your mousemat?

all my passwords and addresses in ink all over it


I've never actually a mousematI've always been given them by companies trying to sell me something.Don't know if there is any scope there for you?? I don't normally use a mouse mat either. (Since... Read More »

I've got 7 tattoo's if you have or could have 1 what have you already got or what would you have and where ?

I currently have 4 tats. I have a theatre mask that is frowning and crying (my first) with my father-in-laws nickname above it (I got it done on the 5 mo. anniversary of his death), this is on my ... Read More »

What car do you have and what car do you wish you could have if you dont already have the one you want?

have got a peugout 306am looking for a vauxhall astra SXI at the thise cars!!