What age must you be to have a ebay account?

Answer On the registration page it says: "You must be at least 18 years old to use eBay."Take care,Chad

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I bought an item from ebay and it didn't arrive. The person has deleted thier ebay account so what can i do?

depends how you card, your card company will reimburse you.paypal.......ebay will fight for you, but they will ask you to try and resolve it with the buyer yourself, before they ste... Read More »

How do I create an account for use on ebay amazon and anything else if I do not have a current bank account?

You don't, I'm afraid.If you have a problem opening a current account, see if a bank will let you have a 'basic bank account'. See…

My Ebay account suspended / Account suspension?

There's information on suspended accounts here…including details on how to appeal.Are you sure that you haven't received a spoof/phishing email (also menti... Read More »

Should I upgrade eBay account to Business Account?