What am I doing wrong?

Answer it is definitely possible to connect 2 computers using USB - but NOT with a regular USB cable.the cable you need is called "USB to USB Datalink Cable".this adapter is intended for data exchange bet... Read More »

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A fine is a tax for doing wrong, a tax is a fine for doing well!.... quote from diary, what do you think?

a fine is a penalty for doing wrong , a tax is a fine for somebody else to do well .

What ami doing wrong?

Did you have sound before you made the disks? It maybe that the speakers are turned off at you speakers icon. You may have to reload the drivers for your sound card.

I can't get a job what am i doing wrong :(?

You seem to be correct on your approach for a job. I think that is down to the way the Labour Market is at the moment. Please do not feel bad :]

What am I doing wrong to install ubuntu?

Whatever you do, DO NOT burn the ISO to disk and try to install from it.It looks like you have run WUBI correctly, but it's failed in your situation. I've not seen this particular case but this lin... Read More »