What are Rennet Tablets?

Answer Rennet tablets are small tablets made from powdered and packed rennet. They are designed for convenient use, being easier to handle than some more traditional forms of rennet, and they are used for... Read More »

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Uses for Vegetable Rennet?

Rennet is a substance used to coagulate milk. Traditional rennet is animal-based, and made from rennin contained in the lining of a calf's stomach. Vegetable rennet is made from a plant-based subst... Read More »

Alternatives to Rennet?

Rennet, an enzyme found in the stomachs of young ruminants, is a key ingredient in the process of making cheese. Rennet is an animal product, and thus is inappropriate for people leading a vegetari... Read More »

How Do I Extract Rennet?

Rennet contains rennin, the active enzyme that takes ordinary milk and curdles it into cheese. Traditionally, rennet was harvested from young mammals that had not been weaned from their mother's mi... Read More »

How to Use Rennet From a Thistle?

Rennet is used to coagulate milk to form curds that can be made into cheese. The heads of the thistle plant contain a naturally occurring enzyme similar to the chymosin found in animal rennet. Chee... Read More »