What are good wifi dongles I can get for my desktop pc and where?

Answer To answer the question...You can try this one:…This One…Or plenty of others. Traditionally - I would probably re... Read More »

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What materials are wifi dongles made from?

A WiFi dongle is a 'slave' peripheral driven by software on the host PC.Typically it would consist of a circuit board, a logic control IC with memory, buffering & timing circuits and an RF IC for a... Read More »

How Does WiFi Work on a Desktop?

Wi-Fi, or wireless fidelity, refers to a family of radio frequency technologies -- otherwise known as Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11 -- which allow electronic devic... Read More »

How to Access WiFi With a Desktop PC?

Wireless Internet is a great way to add portable access to the web and e-mail to your home. Thanks to current technology, accessing wireless Internet through your computer has never been simpler. I... Read More »

How Can a Desktop Computer Have a WiFi Connection?

A desktop computer can be enabled for wireless networking if you install a wireless adaptor. Adaptors are available as internal cards, usually with an aerial that protrudes from the back of the PC,... Read More »