What are good wifi dongles I can get for my desktop pc and where?

Answer To answer the question...You can try this one:…This One…Or plenty of others. Traditionally - I would probably re... Read More »

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What materials are wifi dongles made from?

A WiFi dongle is a 'slave' peripheral driven by software on the host PC.Typically it would consist of a circuit board, a logic control IC with memory, buffering & timing circuits and an RF IC for a... Read More »

Where can i get a good deal on a desktop pc for home use? Lots of good sales coming next week.

Where can i get good desktop backgrounds of snow/mountains?

go to google and search for mountains or snow, then click on the images tab at the top, and look for the proper resolution for your desktop, right click the picture and in most cases you will have ... Read More »

Where to find cheap but good desktop pcs from?