What are some advantages for computers with wifi?

Answer - They do not require an Ethernet cable to be connected to it from the router for Internet use.- You can connect Wirelessly to hotspots or your home wireless router. That's about it.Other:There are... Read More »

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Can't some computers play music with no speakers?

Its impossible for a computer to render audio without speakers more than likely the computers you're referring to had speakers built into the monitor.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Wifi Hotspot .. !?

Advantages include that many hotspots are free to use, and you don't have to physically connect your device by using cables.Disadvantages include a lack of security. i.e. whilst you're connected to... Read More »

Is the PCMCIA slot on an acer Travelmate 212T (O2micro oz6812) incompatible with some wifi cards?

There are at least two standards for PCMCIA style cards.The later ones look identical but may be called 'Cardbus' instead of PCMCIA.Not all motherboard chipsets and drivers support both types.You m... Read More »

I'm helping some friends with their very slow computers, i managed to figure out the cause, a file called mup.?

HiIt could be mup or it could be something else.If you google mup.sys you find as many solutions as there are articles.They vary from a problem with mup to hardware problems, in one case it wasn't ... Read More »