What are some good Tablets?

Answer There is a wide variety of tablets on the market these days as they seem to be getting more and more popular (And will carry on doing so) they range from 7 inch displays all the way to 11 inch. Sim... Read More »

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What are some key benifets that tablets/smartphones provide for a Field marketing Agency?

A few I would have thought include: Speed of access and results. Can change/adjust surveys in real time. Manage team remotely.

What are some 12" sub-woofers that will thump HARD And what are some good amps?

Does it never occur to you children that not everyone WANTS to hear your "music"?

Where is a good website to get tablets repaired?

What are some good places near you I can go for a good rimjob?

Rimford in Essex, a girl once asked me to kiss her where it smells, so I drove her to Rimford.