What are some interesting/joyful jobs which involve computing?

Answer I know I'm possibly biased, but if you want interesting IT, you need to take a look at Computing courses. Computing A Level, as opposed to IT, involves actual programming and computer theory.If you... Read More »

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What jobs involve doing something?

All jobs involve doing 'something' - even if it is sat behind a desk all day! Nobody will give you a wage for doing absolutely nothing - you have to do 'something' to earn that wage.


Look at job adverts ICT Technician etc. They'll even tell you what qualifications are needed.

What jobs can i do that involve using 3ds max?

Obviously any animation company needs people who knows how to use 3DS Max.However, you need to have very specific skills - e.g. rendering, blending, art development etc in order to break into the i... Read More »

Help what jobs involve reflection?