What are the Power Limits for Civilian WiFi in UK?

Answer I dont honestly think anyone is going to check. Try contacting NetGear or someone like that, as a company that sells in the UK they must know the limits!EDIT: Read More »

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Is the Ethernet over power cables better than wifi?

Technically, they are faster than wireless G modes, and close to wireless N modes, without the wireless interference issues...

Does the power need to be connected on both floors for a wifi powerline to work?

EDIT: With most models they don't have to be on the same breaker, however they do have to be on the same electrical service.By not connected, do you mean not on the same circuit breaker, or not on ... Read More »

What are your views on the speed limits and the laws regarding speed limits and penalties 4 breaking them etc?

Speed is related to accidents. Your "thinking time" remains roughly constant regardless of your speed - but at higher speeds you travel further in that time. What we'd like to be able to do is id... Read More »

Is there any job for civilian police?

Yes go on the Police website for your area,try c.p.s as well good luck.