What are the answers to "The Hardest Quiz Ever: You will not get a 100" on facebook?

Answer 1. Everyone2. 493. Probably4. Who doesnt?5. Why? Shud they be?

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I am currently doing a drinks quiz and stuck on a few answers?

14 Pink Lady 28 Boston Tea Party 6 Cola ? Sorry Ignore that6 Coke 9 A bitter pill 44 snakebite

What to do for a facebook quiz?


I wouldn't ever worry about quiz results on FB. They aren't based on anything, just made up. For example, my result on what sex my first baby would be came out twin boys...I have one child and sh... Read More »

How do you delete quiz results from your Facebook Profile?

I love those Facebook things!You go to the side where it says "remove" and then you click it.And then it's gone.