What are the average download and upload speeds in the UK?

Answer Your upload speeds should be at least 3 MBPS.P.S: @ the random guy posting hate...I'm from the UK.. It's very multicultural. Learn facts before rants.

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How to Max Out DSL Upload Speeds?

Windows computers that use DSL (digital subscriber lines) to connect to the Internet include a number of little known "tweaks" that can be used to optimise connection speeds. If you are sharing fil... Read More »

Really slow upload speeds?

well friend, your internet service provider is responsible for all upload and download speeds. call your isp or change it if he doesn't respond.

Very slow upload speeds with New PC build?

Hi Tom.It seems, some games need special ports for gaming. Your network card have to be set properly for that. about protocols and so on. (IPv6 and others)Try remove your network card and install i... Read More »

Problem with my download speeds?

Of course you haven't said what your normal speed is so I'm assumingyour using something like torrents and the like for a file that size!If that is the case then there is nothing you can do about i... Read More »