What are the benefits to being a Mac user as opposed to a standar PC no smug answers please?

Answer Macs dont have as many viruses (because people just don't make them for Macs).I would only use a Mac if you are going to do allot of photo editing. Windows supports allot of additional software/ha... Read More »

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What is the difference between being logged in by the system as a default user and my profile user at work?

Logging in under certain user names allows the IT guys to monitor things much more closely. Usually custom profiles such as the one you have at work are allowed more privileges over default or gues... Read More »

What benefits do pregnant women get and whatare working tax benefits please?

Pregnant women aren't entitled to any specific benefit, you can claim JSA if your out of work but you will have to be seeking work until you begin your maternity leave, the earliest being 29 weeks.... Read More »

Please, I really need quick advice. No nasty or sarcastic answers please...?

Go for both interviews, and be completely honest with them about how much time you will be able to commit yourself to when at university. Who knows, they may be so impressed with you that will take... Read More »

Red hair what to do now, loads of answers please :)? you could dip dye it a medium brown colour