What are the best blank disks for permanent storage of films (movies)?

Answer The only types are DVD R or DVD RW (+ or - your choice). The R type should be a little more stable than the RW, but keeping them out of the light ensures longer stability for any type of optical m... Read More »

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Online file storage for dvd films?

that depends on the GCI software if it's license then it does not belong to you it belongs to the company who letting you rent it for your usage. you would need to contact them see what they say. b... Read More »

Why can my computer write to Cd - RW but not to DVD-R disks DVD disks not recognised "insert disk" it says.?

Look on the template of the CD player--look specifically for the DVD symbol. If none can be found then you have a CD player not DVD player.To overwrite CD-RW you have open your CD burning applicati... Read More »

I purchased shares Irish Life & Permanent Tsb but now they are called permanent Tsb holdings?

I don't think researching this it appears that this company had to undergo a reorganization probably due to financial solvency issues.You would not receive any compensation for the Irish li... Read More »

Why does blank 700MB cd-r only have 631MB blank space?

Yes, it has do with something called "Overburning", which can create decreased size infornaton tracks and files to tell the disc what it needs to know. Most software will have an option to enable... Read More »